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GOZI - LI (Admon) - Shai Burstyn, Tsila and Avi - SOUVENIR - ISRAELI FOLK DANCE (Vinyl)


  1. Aug 20,  · A rare weather phenomenon is currently taking place in the western Pacific Ocean, with not one but two typhoons moving towards Southeast Asia. Twin typhoons, Goni (left) and Atsani (right) Twin typhoons Goni and Atsani are currently making their way through the tropical western Pacific Ocean. One will affect the northern Philippines and very likely [ ].
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  3. Jan 20,  · Olivia - real name Lexi Forde - was found face-down in bed, naked from the waist down with bruising to her lower leg. She'd been dead for at least 12 hours when police found her body, and a.
  4. Shamsia Hassani, a prolific graffiti artist and associate professor of Fine Arts at Kabul University in Afghanistan, asserts that her art is not political. At least, not on purpose. But everything from her medium and her canvas to her recurring motifs— freedom of expression and the burqa—evoke a quest for liberation. And they do not whisper or ask.
  5. Bustop TV’s Samantha Kureya aka Gonyeti has literary hit the ground running following her nightmarish abduction. Gonyeti was snatched from her home by unknown assailants 2 days ago and was subjected to torture and inhuman treatment before being dumped at night.
  6. Divya Drishti future twist: The viewers will get shocked to learn that Drishti is enacting to lose her vision for a special motive in the future episodes of Divya Drishti serial. So far in Divya Drishti story, Drishti and Divya tricked Pishachini.
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