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Game Over


  1. Game Over (ゲームオーバー) is a common video game event that happens when the player's character is defeated, resulting in the end of the current stage and, in some cases, of the game.
  2. A Game Over is an event which occurs whenever Samus Aran is defeated; this can occur if her Energy Tanks are fully depleted, along with some other, rarer causes of defeat. The Game Overs have varied throughout the series. In Metroid, Samus will completely explode on the spot regardless of whether she is armored or not. The screen will say Game Over and return to the Password Screen. The.
  3. Game Over is the thirty-second episode of Ben On a rainy day, Gwen is bored and convinces Ben to let her play Sumo Slammers Smackdown. Ben and Gwen are playing the video game, but Gwen is beating Ben at it. As a result, Ben takes Gwen's controller and makes her lose a life. He then transforms into Upgrade and merges with the computer, setting Gwen's score to 0. As Gwen tries to get Upgrade Directed by: Scooter Tidwell.
  4. Jun 18,  · Game Over Lyrics: My life is like a video game, trying hard to beat the stage / All while I am still collecting coins / Trying hard to save the girl, obstacles, I'm jumping hurdles / I'm growing up.
  5. Mar 10,  · Created by David Goetsch, David Sacks, Jason Venokur. With Elizabeth Daily, Rachel Dratch, Artie Lange, Lucy Liu. The story of your mild-mannered family in a not-so-normal video game world. Mom is a Lara Croft rip-off, dad is a Grand Prix racer, the neighbors are Kung Fu monks and the kids well, they try to be cool/10().
  6. Jun 13,  · Directed by Ashwin Saravanan. With Taapsee Pannu, Maala Parvathi, Anish Kuruvilla, Vinodhini Vaidynathan. A nyctophobic woman has to fight her inner demons to stay alive in the game /10(K).
  7. " Game Over " is a message used in video games when the player has run out of extra lives or chances. However, nonstandard Game Overs are sometimes used to punish specific mistakes. The Game Over screen differs from game to game, but the text is usually set against a blank screen, with sad or mocking background music playing.
  8. Outside the Game is complete, and Dot orders medical teams in. As the Game Cube lifts off, they see the sector nullified, and they hear the System Voice announce: "Game Over. User wins." Shocked, everyone believes that Enzo has been nullified, and Dot breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, over in Silicon Tor, Megabyte laughs. Gallery Edit.