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End ordovician - Fuck It...I Quit! - In the shadow of extinction (Vinyl)


  1. Mar 15,  · Summary of the late Ordovician mass extinction running through the possible causes and some of the consequences on marine organisms.
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  3. Extinction events have modulated the history of life on our planet. They remove large numbers of species, genera and families, and in varying degrees destroy both marine and terrestrial ecosystems and reset the planet's evolutionary agenda (Jablonski, ).Five mass extinctions characterize the Phanerozoic, the end Ordovician, Late Devonian, end Permian, end Triassic and end Cretaceous.
  4. Jun 01,  · Ordovician-Silurian extinction, global extinction event occurring during the Hirnantian Age ( million to million years ago) of the Ordovician Period and the subsequent Rhuddanian Age ( million to million years ago) of the Silurian Period that eliminated an estimated 85 percent of all Ordovician species. This extinction interval ranks second in severity to the one that.
  5. The Ordovician was a period in Earth's history. Although nearly all of life in Ordovician was underwater, some arthropods like the eurypterids ventured onto land, mainly to mate. Ordovician atmosphere was unlike today's air. There was much more carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere back then than today. If a human visited the Ordovician without special breathing apparatus, they would.
  6. Jul 13,  · The Ordovician-Silurian Mass Extinction was the second largest mass extinction that took place on earth. The largest was the Great Dying. 2. This event is sometimes referred to as Ordovician Extinction or End-Ordovician Extinction. 3. This extinction event took place during the Hirnantian Age of Ordovician Period and the subsequent Rhuddanian.
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  8. Near the end of the Late Ordovician, in the first of five mass extinctions in the Phanerozoic, about 85% of marine species died. The cause was a brief glacial interval that produced two pulses of extinction. The first pulse was at the beginning of the glaciation, when sea-level decline drained epicontinental seaways, produced a harsh climate in low and mid-latitudes, and initiated active, deep.
  9. The Ordovician-Silurian extinction event was the second largest of the five major extinction events in Earth's history in terms of percentage of genera that went extinct. Contents[show] History The extinctions occurred approximately – million years ago and mark the boundary between the Ordovician and the following Silurian Periods. During this extinction event, which may have been.