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  1. Ride () IMDb 1h 33min R When her son (Brenton Thwaites) drops out of school in New York, a mother (Helen Hunt) drops everything to follow him to California. There, with help from an expert surfer (Luke Wilson), she finds a fresh start of her own in this hilarious and touching film about a mother, her son, and so much more.
  2. Bridleway, or ride, a track through woodland for horse riders Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere, a sobriety-testing program used by Canadian police Ride quality, how well a vehicle copes with uneven surfaces Road Improvement and Development Effort, a highway program in South Carolina.
  3. To sit on and control the movement of: rode a motorcycle to town; ride a horse to the village.
  4. ride n. a car. Do you care if I leave my ride parked in your driveway? See: (someone or something) rides again a bumpy ride a free ride a roller-coaster ride a rough ride along for the ride along for the ride, to go/to come/just be/go along for the ride come along for the ride drive the big bus for a ride for a spin for the ride free ride get a free.
  5. RIDE Indoor Cycling takes everything you know and love about working out and turns it all the way up. The state of the art studios offer entertainment based, high intensity 45 minute cycling sessions. RIDE Indoor Cycling is a workout that moves you, a workout with attitude, a workout that loves you and begs you to come back for more. rioperziochangrenvioplethessicanfatal.xyzinfo
  6. ride (up) on someone or something to use someone or something as a beast of burden. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) As a game, the children used to ride on their father.
  7. Request a Lyft ride in a web browser on your phone, tablet, or laptop – no app download required. Get a ride from a friendly driver in minutes.
  8. Welcome to the development version of RIDE - next release will be version If you are looking for the latest released version, you can get the source code from releases or from branch release/ See the release notes for latest release version